Preventative Maintenance

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Why is Preventive maintenance important

Preventive maintenance is often still viewed by many companies as an unnecessary expense that is a waste of time and resources. In most cases, this couldn’t be farther from the truth and can prove to be a very costly. Companies tend to focus on the immediate issues that comes up – repairing or replacing parts when something goes wrong and reacting to other urgent matters (reactive maintenance). While this form of reactive maintenance is necessary in certain situations, transitioning to a Platinum Electrical Services preventive maintenance strategy will save both time and money. Your customers will be happier thanks to deadlines being met.

How it can save you money

It will save you money due to its impact on the following items:

Reduced Downtime

Every time equipment goes down for unplanned maintenance, you’re losing money both from employee wages because they aren’t using the downed machine and from products that aren’t being produced when the equipment is no longer being used. Preventive maintenance is specifically designed to minimize these effects by catching the problems before they interrupt your business.

Increase Operational Efficiency

Properly implemented preventive maintenance allows equipment to be routinely maintained allowing it to run as per manufacturers specifications. When machines run more efficiently, the cost of energy and resources will go down. This cost saving advantage outweighs the cost to maintain over time.

Reduce the Risk of Expensive Reactive Maintenance

Reactive maintenance is expensive and not a good use of resources because of productivity losses. When something breaks unexpectedly you must pay someone to fix it sometimes at an overtime rate, you rush in the repair part instead of ground shipping and you to pay to diagnose the problem. Preventive maintenance can drastically reduce the risk of these costs because you will be aware of issues before they cause downtime, no need to rush parts and your hourly rate is discounted with one of our packages.

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Increase the Life of Equipment

If reduced downtime and reduced costs on fixes wasn’t enough, preventive maintenance will increase the life of your equipment giving you a greater ROI. When everything maintained regularly and working properly, you will maximize the lifespan of your equipment allowing you to spend the money that would have otherwise been set to unnecessary upgrades for increasing your bottom line.

Improved Customer Service

Your customers trust in the goods or services you provide them. They expect that these things will be delivered on time, and no one wants to hear that the products will be delayed because of machinery failures. When you can consistently provide quality, on-time service to your customers, you’ll end up with happier customers, better reviews, more referrals, and ultimately more sales.

Implementing one of Platinum Electrical Services preventative maintenance programs is simple and pain free. Contact us now to go over all our available packages and see which ones would work best for your business needs.

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